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Highschool...again… (South Carolina Teil II)

22.10.2019 CJD Droyßig « zur Übersicht

On Friday, we, the group of students and teachers that are visiting South Carolina currently, visited a typical American highschool and had their first impression on the everyday life of American pupils. We took part in different German classes from experienced learners to beginners and got the chance to communicate with them about all kinds of subjects, from our favourite food to the different opinions of the climate change. It was very interesting to get to know the differences and similarities between us and our cultures.

Also we presented our own school, our dayly routine, and our home district to them to give them a better impression of Germany and our own lives. The German of the American students, even the German of the experienced students, wasn´t very well developed, so we communicated mostly in english. We learned a lot about the American school system and the differences to our system. For example sport isn´t a compulsory subject in America, but it is still very important to almost every student here. All the different sports clubs are runned by the school and the school building is full of trophies and posters of different sport events where the school was succesfull. The building was very big and there were over 2000 pupils visiting the school. Especially the gym was way bigger than ours in Germany. We also got to know the canteen and american school food, but due to the fact that the other students told us, that their schoolfood isn´t very good we didn´t try it.

It was a very interesting experience for all of us and also for the American students to get to know each other better and to learn something from an other country from a different perspective.

Joey Knöfel, 11b, Blog: justjoey.jimdofree.com